Trinity Today - 2003

Following a notice published in Trinity Today last year, several graduates contacted John Payne and a get together was held on December 6th at the Queen's Head in Oakville with a view to reviving interest in the TCD Association among TCD alumni in Ontario. There were eight in attendance - Hilary Selby (M.A.,1972), Doug Saunders (B.A.I., 1968), Bill McConnell (B.A.I.,1967), Richard O'Connor (M.B., 1967), Gopala Gowda (Ph.D., 1976), John Cary (B.A., 1969), Kevin Harraher, and John Payne (M.A., 1971). In order to be able to recognize one another, graduate ties were suggested for the men. In fact, most wore scarves instead. After introductions, reminiscing etc. a meal was ordered and discussion turned as to how to move things forward and in what form. It was agreed that a meeting should be organized in the New Year and a mail out to over 400 graduates on a list supplied by the Alumni Relations Office would be required. This note informed alumni of our existence, the date and coordinates of the next meeting and, most importantly, asked for e-mail addresses so that communications could be faster and more effective.

As a result, the Ontario Branch was officially reconstituted when forty-one people attended the reception held on Friday 21st March at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club. Years of graduation ranged from 1945 to 1999 with a good spread in-between. There was an interesting cross section of geography with attendees coming from as far as Kingston and New Liskeard, as well as all around the Greater Toronto Area. John Payne provided some introductory remarks concerning the reactivation of the branch. A total of 427 invitations were mailed, about 100 responses were received, about 100 letters were returned address unknown, and approximately 200 others did not make contact, or perhaps did not receive the mailing.

An open discussion was held concerning possible activities or events that people would like to see. The main preference was for a formal annual dinner with a good speaker, much on the lines of the dinners held in the past. The fall, perhaps September or October, appeared to be the best time. Outside this, there was some enthusiasm for quarterly meetings and also some interest in less formal gatherings such as pub nights, say on a monthly basis.

To formalize the branch a vote was held to elect the current volunteers as a committee. John Payne was confirmed as Chairperson/Secretary, Bill McConnell as Vice Chairperson and John Cary as Treasurer.

A web site has been set up for the branch ( to inform Alumni of news, events, and other activities. Interested alumni are encouraged to contact John Payne at