Pub Night - P.J. O'Brien's Report

July 18, 2003

A total of 16 people assembled at P.J. O'Briens for the summer pub night of the Alumni Branch. In attendance were, in no particular order: Marcus Beresford, John Cary, Ollie & Ann (nee Proulx) Bonham, Jim & Maggie Patterson, Jim Lyle, John & Suzanne Payne, Patrick & Jillian Kearney, Daisy White (nee Fleming), Jackie Hrebicek (nee Doherty), Valerie Gibbon (nee Hobson), Murray (Ray) Wiley, and Kevin Harraher. They represented a spread of graduation years from the 1950s to 1970s.

The pub proved to be very accommodating with a large, somewhat private, table at the back, good service, reasonable food, and a decent pint of Guinness. This was all topped off with some live Irish music later on.