Pub Night - The Brogue, Port Credit - May 7th, 2004

A total of 22 people assembled at The Brogue in Port Credit for a late spring/early summer pub night meeting of the Alumni Branch.

In attendance were, in no particular order:
Richard and Leslie O'Connor, Nyal Wilson, Jim and Maggie Patterson, Ray Smyth, Bruce Buttimore, George Lewis, Hilary Whyte, Steven and Moira Black, Derek and May Wilson, John and Suzanne Payne, John and Kath Cary, Kevin Harraher, Elliott Jephson, Kevin Jephson, Marcus Beresford and Daisy White.

They represented a spread of graduation years from the 1940s to 1970s.

The group accumulated several tables at the back of the pub and joined them into one large one, somewhat reminiscent of antics at Commons all those years ago. However, there was no Junior Dean present and consequently no fines, and the management of the pub did not seem to object. Conversation turned to the subject of the annual dinner, which will likely be in November again, and scouting for a speaker has already begun. The stout was good, the company fine, and maybe another informal gathering can be arranged towards late summer in advance of the dinner.


(Left to right) Marcus Beresford, Elliott Jephson and Richard O'Connor


(Facing the camera) Kevin Jephson, Kevin Harraher, John Cary, Kath Cary, Jim Patterson


(Left to right around the table) Bruce Buttimore, Jim Patterson, Maggie Patterson, Leslie O'Connor, Ray Smyth, Nyal Wilson, Richard O'Connor, Elliott Jephson, Kevin Jephson, Kevin Harraher, John Cary and Kath Cary


(Left to right) Derek Wilson, Steven Black, Moira Black, Hilary Whyte, George Lewis


(Facing the camera) John Cary, Bruce Buttimore, Kath Cary, John Payne, Daisy White, Suzanne Payne