Ontario Alumni Dinner 2003 Photos
The Provost - Dr. John Hegarty
The Provost and John Payne
The Provost and Daisy White
The Provost and John Payne
Daisy White thanking the Provost
Rosemary Morton, John Payne, Les Colhoun, Daisy White, Anne McConnell
John Payne and Les Colhoun
Anne and Bill McConnell
John and Cath Cary
The Provost, Les Colhoun, Mary Apied
Doug Saunders and Richard O’Connor
Doug Saunders and Gopala Gowda
George Lewis and Hilary Whyte
Bill Jermyn and Pat Kearney
Gillian Kearney and Neasa Ní Chinnéide Hegarty
Cath Cary and Sue Payne
Ted and Nell Tyner